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Friday, March 9, 2012

Hold on tight..here we go!

This past month has been a roller coaster – to say the least!! Good happy times mixed with some aha moments and everyone getting sick =/ that’s life though right?

My MIL is diabetic, other than the occasional a bit of high blood sugar its never been too much to deal with. Until now. Ok so how do I explain to a hardcore Mexican old school lady that she needs NEEDS more than a  Pan Dulce and coffee at 10 am in the morning? Or that Dinner is NOT at 3 pm and yogurt as a snack at 7 pm? I’ve tried talking to her, My husband has tried breaking things down so she can understand, we’ve taken her to the Dr. and my husband has ( probably in a more aggressive tone) recommended she do nothing since she is not following Dr’s orders-other than that, Que mas hay?

From my “perspective” health is important ( why the hell are we paying so much in health insurance if we’re never going to go to the Dr.?) But I know she sees it from “ I don’t want to be a burden”.. I swear the lady would rather sweat out a 104 fever while working on her plans and insist on washing the dishes herself than to sit still for a minute. Only to ask why am I still sick?  I can’t possibly be the only person out there that is trying to deal with Mexican woman and their health issues- grrr !

As for me, I have managed to get some exercise in more frequently.. amazing how much energy you can have by just making yourself do something. My method? Dangle a carrot in front of me ( well, not physically, but you get my point) I tell myself.. I’m just going to put on “comfy clothes” and while I’m at it, might as well be stretchy ( right?) thus my half assed work- out begins… but after the first song, I’m pumped then I go for another and another and before I know it, I’ve done 45 minutes to “just dance”.. as if that wasn’t cool enough, I get on the scale.. and see I’m 3lbs lighter WOOHOO!!!

Funny how you can be in a funk, always “wanting”, “shoulding” but never do anything because your waiting for Divine inspiration to come a knockin’ at your door. Too be completely honest I’m not sure how I even “ make myself do the workout on some days when I’m dead tired, there is nothing to eat, the house is a mess, homework needs to be done, my daughter needs to get get bath/ shower, bills need to be paid, paper needs to be shredded.. need I go on?  Yes… and them my mom calls…nomas estaba pensando en ti..ahhhhhh… can’t tell your mama you don’t have time! Wait.. let me rephrase; cant tell a Mexican Mom you don’t have time…I’d hear it FOREVER: I worked 12-14 hours, cooked REAL food, washed clothes, dealt with drama, watched novellas, did the laundry AND packed your damn lunch.. and you don’t have time for me? “ esta bien..te dejo en paz” “bauiy”

And now to tackle a few other battles.. paying tuition for our daughter, getting out of debt ( more on that later) consolidating student loans, and paying off a house. Our goal was/is to pay it off in 10 years. I did the calculators and saw how much we could save and quickly thought “ oh hell no!” we are paying this sucker off sooner and saving/investing the interest. Fast forward 3 years and daycare, tuition, tap, gymnastics practice, car repairs later ummm.. yeah. They say that when you know better. Well, I hope that I can fulfill this. I figured that by blogging about it may bring about some conversation and motivation to move forward- for all of us maybe to even help each other out in some way! So.. Brace yourself, I’m taking you on this roller coaster ride with me =)

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