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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Inspired and motivated!!

Don't know exactly how I got " inspired an motivated today... every day I want to "get things done" but most days fall short ( or maybe my list is too incredibly long and complicated and I pack too much into it, then sadly i don't get to cross anything of my pretty " To-Do" list.

Today though, something seemed to tug at me... ( OK, something has BEEN tugging at me) it called my attention in a way that it hasn't in the past... For a while I have been having " thoughts" of loosing weight          ( Doncha love that..LOL " just thoughts".. nothing more) but it never goes beyond that.. I always find a reason for not acting on it- ALWAYS... here is a list of my " Why I cant possibly lose weight right now" :
1. I don't have much time.. get out of work by 5:30, home by 6, some time with my kiddlet, eat, bath time story time, sleep- then its suddenly 9pm..and I'm dead tired and actually want to sit in front of the TV and  vegetate
2. I wont spend enough time with my daughter- Like im spending lots of super quality time with her now (?) or like my " excersize routine is going to take 5 hrs of uncompromisable time ... again (WTH?)
3. Do I really need to do it? .. Um, can you walk up the stairs without needing to stop?, can you run a mile in less than 10 min? (hell, in less than 45 min?.. yeah.. thought so..LOL)
4. But exercise is NOT FUN!- umm, you have a Wii, you have a CD player, you can steal your husbands ipod thingy.. but noooo, haven't even come close to doing any of that
5. Loosing weight requires sooo freakin much work its like having another job ... Really?, I mean ..really now, "it's not that serious", i guess in a very dramatic way it could be.. like if i was going to be paid money for losing  weight- but I'm not, eating less, not stopping at starbucks before work or at lunch, not eating out 5 days a week is not " extra work" its LESS WORK!

( So you see can start to see the battle i constantly have with myself right??? )

Which is whyyyy, while at my daughters gymnastics practice i get invited to go work out and I'm like.. ummmm and her is what goes through my head: I wanna go, it could be fun, it could lead to a new friendship, its only 40 min, why not? oh... but I'd have to pack my clothes in the A.M, I'm gonna have to find parking at the gym, what if there is no class/ zumba/pilates/etc by the time i get out of work? and what about my daughter? what if i end up having a really long day at work end up tired want to go to sleep or have a pepsi instead because of such a hectic day? ( whew! yes I think like that)

and then I say no...

Earlier today i open my e-mail and see a typical flog feeds 9 mostly about crafts and stuff) .. tell me why one of those crafty blogs starts talking about a " random issue" that the girl has not deal with and I start to thing? umm, her living room? oh, maybe updating the lamps in her bedroom- nope shes talking about herself- the issue is being overweight and how it has consumed her...

I found the story soo intriguing for some reason. I mean , here is a person who is totally putting herself out there.. granted she has started to work out, but still.. I don't think I could put myself out there like that.. complete with all kinds of pics from elementary school until now and the before and during pics of the weight loss. All I could thing was OMG.. she is doing it- and its not a person who did surgery to begin with then just had to eat differently, and its not a person who just had to loose 10-15 lbs.. its areal overweight person doing it on her own. I was moved. Motivated. Exited. And ready to begin...

Where are you in your weight loss journey?